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Non-Biodegradable Eco-Disposable Diapers

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Non-biodegradable disposable green diapers are next on our Green Diapers 101: Eco-friendly Diaper Round-Up. Greener disposables are only a notch up from regular disposables. In fact, I'm leery of saying green; what they are is healthier for your baby (maybe), but not really a green diapering choice. Many people think all green diapers biodegrade. NOT TRUE. These are diapers that are still disposable.

Basically, these green disposables are simply made without chlorine, fragrances, or latex, and some are made with eco-friendly wood pulp but many still have stuff like Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP); a gel that's a chemical water absorber and is known to be toxic. This chemical was removed by the FDA from tampons because of its link to toxic shock syndrome but studies have not been done on SAPs affect on babies. Also these diapers contain Polyolefin (plastic) film.

Are there any pros?

Well, it's nice that these diapers often come with fewer chemicals, and sometimes easy to recycle packaging, but they also come with a much heftier price tag for what's basically a wee bit healthier regular disposable. Greener disposables sit in a landfill just like regular disposables and are a sad choice compared to biodegradable or cloth reusable diapers but if you want them they include brands like…