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No Sex After Birth: When Do You Do It?

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In the world of technology it seems many people go to the internet to find the answers they seek instead of actually asking a doctor or paying a trip to see the doctor. Why turn all shades of red when you can go online? Right? No one really wants to ask their doctor

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about sex, weight, spots, moles, etc. They just want to go in be given a good bill of health and sent home, if sick they want to know exactly what is wrong, how long it’ll last and what they need to do. I’ve heard the following scenario many times and I’d like to hear your input on it:

Joan gave birth two days ago and is headed home, she had a natural birth (vaginal) and didn’t tear so there were no stitches. The big question on her and her husband’s mind is…..When can we have sex? Sometimes this question is never asked, forgot about or neither will dare speak it. So what’s the answer?

Camila Alves (girlfriend of Matthew McConaughy) gave birth recently and told a magazine she planned on doing the Brazilian thing which is “No sex for 40 days after baby.”


Where I come from [Brazil], we believe in something we call a 40-day break after the baby. You have to let your body do its own thing. You give it time to recover and let everything settle down. In a way, it is nice. There is not so much pressure. You kind of respect all the hard work your body has just done and give it a break. For these 40 days you really take it easy. By that I mean no sex, light, healthy food, no trips to the gym. Then, after 40 days, you are good to go. I confess, I am getting a little anxious to workout. I miss it. Not just to get my body back in shape, but for me, for my head!

Actually this isn’t just a thing done in Brazil, according to many websites online (and doctors) one should wait 6 weeks. But depending if you had a c-section or stitches the time can vary even longer. This is just one reason why you should always ask the doc before leaving. Any thoughts, have you heard differently? How many of you waited six weeks?