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We Hate Mondays Because Can’t Sleep Sunday Nights

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alarm-clock-lateDo you have a harder time sleeping on any particular night of the week compared to the other nights? Me neither–all nights are equally sleepless. But if I did have a particularly rough night for sleeping it would obviously be Sunday.

An online survey conducted by Toluna Omnibus found that 39% of the 3000 plus American participants reported that they had the hardest time falling asleep on Sunday nights out of all the different nights of the week. We're all thinking “duh”–right? People are too busy dreading Monday morning to sleep on Sunday night.

Here's more duh: Of the 39% total respondents who hate Mondays the way a cartoon orange cat hates Mondays, 70% claim it takes them at least 30 minutes longer than usual to hit the hay on Sunday nights. If there was less than a half hour difference between Sunday night and typical nights, no one would care enough to notice.

The reasons behind this sleepless phenomenon are shockingly not shocking at all. Sleep specialist Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., told the Huffington Post that this “phenomenon” is due to something he calls “social jet lag.” Basically, from staying up later than usual on Friday and Saturday nights and consequently sleeping in later on those weekend mornings, you confuse your biological clock. As Breus puts it “When Sunday night comes around, your body is used to staying up later and sleeping later.”

According to Breus and everyone ever, the other major factor contributing to Sunday sleeplessness is stress. I feel that. Yeah, you had your fun all weekend, shirked your responsibilities, treated your body like a garbage dump and left all of your dirty work for your weekday-self to deal with and now you can't sleep when you want to the most. People with some of the shittiest Monday through Fridays–those employed full-time and homemakers– were overwhelmingly likely to miss out on Sunday sleep, 48% and 43% respectively.

So what can you do if you have trouble sleeping that you haven't already tried? I'm big on suffering through exhaustion and complaining a lot, but Breus advises those who can't sleep because of social lag to basically stop partying so late to avoid compromising their sleep schedule. Those who can't sleep due to stress could start a “worry journal” where they can externalize their weekly worries and avoid “spending all [Sunday] night in bed stressing out.” Of course, if you have trouble sleeping you should practice sleep hygiene and if healthy sleep habits still don't get you to snooze, text me because I'm awake too.

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