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No More Doritos: Top Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Healthy Road Trip Snacks

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road trip snacks

Road trips are awesome. Sunglasses on, windows down, and music cranked, summer is the perfect time to drive, whether you're on a quick jaunt across town or a cross-country journey. One thing that's not so awesome? The eating options on the road. Gas stations and truck stops offer a plethora of junk food—chips, candy and other crappy options are de rigueur on America's highways (like you need sugar and salt-laden foods after sitting for hours in the car, yuck). Luckily, we asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share recipes for healthy road trip snacks.

Make these delicious recipes and you won't be tempted to stop at the gas station for anything other than, well, gas (and bathrooms, of course. Although those can be questionable too, as I'm sure we can all attest). You could always grab some packaged protein bars or slice up some fruit and veggies, but if you're looking to get a little creative, these recipes are awesome. Another bonus? Homemade food is all the better to picnic with, so you can avoid the truck stop restaurant and enjoy a snack under the warm summer sun.

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