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Nine Christmas Gifts for the Hypochondriac in Your Life.

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Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the hypochondriac in your life? How about a unique health related gift that would make even the most ardent hypochondriac laugh.

1. Giant Microbes 

 kissingdisease.jpg       staph.jpg    lymedisease.jpg

How about a little mono, staph or lyme disease to bond with ? Ranging from 5 to 7 inches, these plush, loveable, and cuddly microbes could be just the thing. The catalog lists prices between $7.95 and 12.95

2.  Flu Suit Kit

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Yes, it's flu season. And most of us will simply try to eat healthier, take Vitamin C and avoid anyone who looks unwell. But why not go one better and suit up. The Flu Suit Kit comes complete with coveralls, face mask, eye shield, and disposable gloves. What more could a hypochondriac ask for ? (price $9.99)

3.  Internal Organs


If microbes seem a little too buggy, how about a set of internal organs?  You can buy new heart, kidney, liver, and lungs for the hypochondriac in your life. No surgery required. (price $ 67.00)

4.  UV Disinfectant Wand


It looks like a cell phone but it can do so much more. Ideal for travelers, this UV Disinfectant Wand promises to kill bacteria and viruses. Apparently it will also enable you to see bodily fluids. (although why you'd want to is beyond me!) (price $79.99)

5. UV Handheld Water Sanitizer


For those worried about their drinking water, the UV Handheld Water Sanitizer will zap it clean. Simply place the wand in a glass of water (16 oz) and push a button. The timer will alert you in 48 seconds that it's now safe to drink. (price $99.00)

6. Yes, You're Probably Dying


Turn the wheel and get an answer to whatever ails you. Think you're runny nose is more than a common cold. The wheel will probably agree, suggesting instead diphtheria or kidney damage. This fun tool lets you discover worst case scenarios for the simplest of symptoms.

7.  Chocolat d' antomie

heart.jpg    lung.jpg   hip.jpg

How about anatomically correct chocolates ?  These handmolded organs are made from the finest quality milk, dark, and white chocolate. You can buy one organ or many – the choice is yours. (gift boxes from $8.65)

8. Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure


Forget Superman and Spiderman. The newest action figure around is OCD man, complete with his own surgical mask and hypoallergenic moist towelette. Perfect for the ‘Howard Hughes' in your life. You also get a short OCD quiz and a diary highlighting a typical day in the life of a Obsessive Compulsive Action figure. ($10.95)

9.  The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You


The perfect book for anyone who has a need to constantly self-diagnose. Featuring over 300 deadly diseases organized by symptom, this book will keep even non-hypochondriacs entralled for hours.

Happy Shopping everyone.