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Nike’s New Fuel Band Is Here And I Want One

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Maybe it’s because I’m a geek for gadgets that make running more fun and engaging, or maybe it’s because Nike‘s marketers are wicked smart, but today when the fitness giant announced their new Fuel Band, I had the same reaction as just about every other health writer, amateur runner, athlete, and trainer: I want one. I want one right now. I don’t even care that it’s basically a glorified pedometer.

The Nike Fuel Band was released this morning, and, while it’s still brand-new, I’m not ashamed to say that it looks awesome. Already being called “the ultimate measure of activity,” this nifty little gadget is worn around the wrist, and tracks calories, time, steps, and a special kinetic reading. It’s the next step in the Nike+ family, whose shoe inserts had mostly only been useful for runners, and should be more generally applicable for whatever game or sport you’re into. [tagbox tag= “running”]

Boasting a built-in USB port, light-sensors to detect how bright the LED readouts need to be, and bluetooth capabilities, the water-resistant bracelet–which will run you $149–comes in a variety of sizes and widths for perfect fit and comfort–which is good, since you’re supposed to wear it all day long if you’re tracking a step or calorie goal.

Sure, it’s pretty much the same kind of thing that everyone’s been using for ages, but it’s so much cooler-looking, and more accurate than the pedometer you got for free with your cereal box-tops. And, because of its use of digital technology, it can be synced up to your iPhone or other smart device to track whatever movement you’re doing–including dance, yoga, and other fitness methods that have previously been difficult to get readings on. ¬†Additionally, it can be linked with your Nike+ account to help set and design goals, and then track (and tell you, in real-time, from the band) whether or not you’re meeting them or not. It’s like having a tiny personal trainer on your wrist, that also has a light (for safety) and the ability to track your movements.

I admit that it’s pretty materialistic to want something just because everyone else does but I won’t lie–when I see someone out on the trails with one of these bad boys, helping them reach their goals and track their progress, I’m going to be a little jealous.

Do you want one, too? Some of our commenters have pointed out that it’s missing some key features–so is it worth it?

If it is, pre-ordering begins today at 5pm EST on Nike’s website. The pre-sale has limited¬†quantities, so if you’re serious, you may want to hop their site and get to refreshing when the time draws near. After pre-sale time, they’ll be available more widely at the end of February.

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