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Nike+ Fuel Band Review Roundup: Possibly Worth The Hype

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Some things, like food and air, you want because you need them. Other things, like the new Nike+ Fuel Band, which is going back for a second round of pre-sale again today  sold out after about 8 minutes of pre-sale, you want because…wait, why do we all want it? Because it’s undeniable that the thing is in huge demand–and I really want one–but is it because it’s awesome, or because it’s been hyped within an inch of its life?

Nike has been pretty cagey with the rollout, allowing only a tiny window of presale since the hype began last month (with a launch that included celebs like Jimmy Fallon?). But even with the ultra-limited release, the $149 personal fitness tracker that adds up steps, calories, and time spent in motion throughout your entire day (and then relays it back to your smart phone) has appeared on the market (I saw at least one eBay auction where it was priced at $399 and climbing). Which means that the reviews are finally starting to flood in.

If you’re thinking about snapping one up when it goes back to presale today at 12 EST, you may want to breeze through these reviews to see if it’s really worth the $149 price for you–or if there’s another, less expensive, less proprietary (remember, the Fuel Band measures your workout in “Nike Fuel,” something they made up) piece to help you reach your personal goals, like these that we reviewed earlier this month.

But if you do get yourself a Nike Fuel Band, be sure to let us know how it’s working out for you. I’m still biding my time before I get one, but I’d appreciate your input.

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