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Poll: Is The Nike Fuel Band Worth The $149 Price Tag?

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Earlier today, I confessed my consumerist love for the Nike Fuel Band, which was announced this morning, and is currently on pre-sale for a limited time on their website. Nike's been pretty stealthy about the cost–not surprising, considering that, at $149, it's kind of steep for a bracelet that may not be far off the pedometer that you'd get free with a Prevention subscription.  Am I ridiculous for actually considering dropping that much cash on something that might not be that novel? Is it worth it, despite its flaws?

The Fuel Band definitely has its perks–it's got a sweet USB charger, can be synced up to all of your devices, and generally looks awesome for setting goals and then tracking them. It's also got little lights on, which is good if, like me, you live somewhere where, half the year, it's dark by 5pm. [tagbox tag=”running”]

But…it's also kind of just a pedometer with LEDs and a calorie counter. It doesn't monitor your heart rate (I don't think), and it doesn't have a stopwatch feature. If I really wanted to, I could get most of the information that the Fuel Band offers with a cheap step-counter and the diligent use of a free and app program, like the Daily Burn or SparkPeople. In fact, I could possibly get more. And still have $15o left over to spend on something nice, like a pair of expensive lululemon pants.

There's also the “early adopter” concern that comes with any new technology. It's like everyone who bought the first iPad and then realized it didn't have a camera and was actually not that cool and immediately wished they'd waited a little while for the next generation. Will the Fuel Band 2.o have all of the nifty stuff that this one doesn't? It'll probably be the same price by the time they roll it out.

And yet, I, like the rest of the Nike nerds and fitness bloggers who were quick to write on the subject, want it more than I can explain. It's so cool! And it lights up! And it will make everyone who sees me out running and dancing and doing yoga (because it can track all of those things, not just running!) know that I take my goals very seriously!

So, what do you think? Is it worth spending this much on a fitness tracker? Should we wait until another generation is released? Are all of us who are clamoring for one being silly Nike-loving ninnies? Let me know.

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