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Night Pain May Indicate Cancer

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Check out this post about night pain and cancer by Dr. Julie Silver on AOL Health.

Do you have pain that awakens you at night? If so, it’s time to check in with your doctor. Night pain is a red flag in medicine — something that doctors are taught in medical school to worry about. It’s important to investigate the source of the night pain and make sure that it is properly diagnosed and treated.

You may be wondering why night pain is more worrisome to doctors than day pain. Medically speaking, the reason doctors worry about night pain is pretty simple. Usually, when you rest your body, it feels better. Getting the weight off your joints tends to help with arthritic pain. Relaxing your muscles helps muscular pain. Stretching out in a supportive bed alleviates neck pain and lower back pain. The list goes on.

When pain isn’t alleviated with rest, or if it awakens you from sleep, it’s important to know why. Doctors worry that tumors that disturb normal anatomic structures tend to cause pain at night. These tumors are often (but not always) made up of malignant cells — i.e., cancer. Night pain is sometimes the first sign of cancer.

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