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Nigella Lawson Fields Weight Gain Questions After The Taste Premier: ‘I’m Not Afraid of Flesh!’

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nigella lawson weight gainIf you're worried about Nigella Lawson‘s weight gain, don't worry; she's not. Lawson is so aware of fans' obsession with her weight gain and weight loss, she preemptively discussed it in a blog post about her new show on ABC with Anthony Bourdain, The Taste. And when the season premier aired last night, she continued the discussion, answering questions (however joking) about what the show will do to her weight like a champ.

When she blogged about her refusal to let ABC photoshop her stomach in promo posters last week, she won us over. But last night, when her Twitter followers asked what the show will do to her weight, she answered by putting the question in its place:


With hosting a food show comes fielding questions about diet, weight, and body image–especially if you're a woman (just ask Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons). As a television veteran, Nigella is now stranger to this, and she's actually taking a pretty ingenious approach to playing the game: directing it herself. Instead of writing about how she maintains her weight or responding to the chatter about her body with a multi-page interview dedicated to the topic, she's framing the discussion on her own terms.

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