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Nick Cannon’s Autoimmune Disease Treatment: No Happy Meals, More Sleep And Meditation

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nick cannon health scareIn his first television appearance since being hospitalized in January, Nick Cannon revealed on Good Morning America today that he suffers a rare autoimmune disorder, called lupus nephritis. He also explained his treatment, which—aside from prescription medicines—is actually just really good health advice for everyone: Basically, he's sticking to a clean diet free of fast food and Happy Meals, getting enough sleep, and even meditating to keep stress levels down.

Cannon's interview, below, had plenty of interesting tidbits about his illness, but his main message to fans is basically just to pay attention to their health:

I always considered myself in good shape…working out all the time, so you never would think that, you know, I'd have a health issue. …It just kind of came out of nowhere, but that's kind of why i'm here today because everyone should be aware of their body and putting the right things in their body and taking care of themselves.

He explained that he suffers a rare lupus-like autoimmune disease that means his immune system is attacking his kidneys. He explains that, although he's still adjusting to his treatment, he's happy with the changes to his lifestyle:

I'm not used to the medicines…I've never been one to like to take medicine and pills and stuff, but I feel like I'm starting to figure out a lot of holistic ways and meditation and stuff to kind of get through it…The diet is the worst part. I can't have any fast food anymore! That was my favorite! …No happy meals, nothing, I'm so sad!

But it's great because, in all seriousness, now I'm eating healthy, I mean there's low sodium in my diet, tons of water, so…I feel better. A lot of that type of food can slow you down but now I'm putting the right things in my body.

He also said that he's been ordered to sleep at least six hours a night to get enough rest and stay healthy, and adds that fatherhood has motivated him to stay healthy for his children.

Cannon's emphasis on basic lifestyle changes for health is refreshing; we're so used to pop stars pushing unrealistic fitness regimens, diet pills, and supplements to fans for superficial reasons. Check out his full interview below: