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Next Year, You’ll Know How Many Calories Are In That Burger — But Will It Matter?

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photo: Flickr user Wyscan

As soon as January, some chain restaurants will be required to display the calorie content of their menu offerings. This healthcare measure, approved in March of 2010, will ensure that diners are aware of the nutritional content of the food they’re about to eat. If you’re at all familiar with American culinary habits, you know that the calorie content for most of these plates is going to be through the roof. For some restaurants, the impending deadline means trying to “slim down” their ultra-caloric dishes — and fast.

If, come January, you realize that your favorite meal at Chili’s is worth, oh, 1,800 calories, will you find something new (and healthier) to order? While we’re praying that you’re nodding your head right now, we know that the calorie count won’t make a difference for some people. Will it make a difference for you?

via Reuters