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New Toilet for “Modern Americans” Holds Up to 2000 Pounds

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Great John
Holy crap! The Great John Toilet Company of Laredo, TX will sell you a toilet that accomodates your tons-of-fun lifestyle.

  • 150% More contact area on the seat.
  • Extra wide base with 4 anchor points on to prevent tipping.
  • “Side Wings” to prevent pinching if your fat hangs over the side of the seat.
  • Reinforced structure holds up to 2000lbs.

Click here to see the difference. Now, I know that there is surely a group of people that suffer from a medical condition that make this item a godsend. However, this thing does hail from the same beautiful state that brought you deep-fried Coca-Cola. Interesting coincidence? Or are these Great John people in cahoots with the Texas State Fair deep -fried-corn syrup-and-caramel peddlers!? I'm not pointing any chubby, sticky fingers, I'm just saying…

Thanks to Miss Kitty for the tip!

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