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Healthy Shopping Just Got Easier With Target’s New Organic, No-GMO Grocery Line

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simply balanced organic foods at Target

Now that I'm back in a big city, it seems most of my shopping is done from corner stores. When I lived in smaller cities and towns, however, Target was my jam for everything from groceries to socks to Cabernet Sauvignon. Target is a huge part of the shopping scene in many U.S. towns. And shopping for healthy products there will soon be easier, thanks to the chain's newly-launched organic product line.

The new brand, called “Simply Balanced,” will include some 250 products, from beverages to snacks. You can expect to see the new line rolled out in Target stores across the country this June, with the full collection arriving in October.

While only 40% of Simply Balanced products will be certified 100% organic, all will be:

  • Free of artificial flavors and colors (including 105 popular food additives)
  • Preservative-free,
  • Trans-fat free, and
  • Free of high-fructose corn syrup

Target also announced plans to eliminate all genetically modified ingredients from Simply Balanced and Archer Farms goods by the end of 2014.

Amanda Irish, senior director of Target's store brands, told the Associated Press that the new line was a response to the growing popularity of organic foods. Organics still account for less than 10% of overall grocery sales at Target, she said—yet sales of organic products are growing at twice the rate of conventional groceries.

Target already has several in-house brands of groceries, including Market Pantry (which retails about 10% to 30% cheaper than name-brand goods) and Archer Farms, which is meant to rival premium brands. Archer Farms currently contains about 50% organic products and 75% GMO-free goods. Both it and Market Pantry will continue to be sold in Target stores.

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