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This New Reality Show Requires Personal Trainers To Gain Weight, So We Can All Watch Them Lose It

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If your skinny friend ever said, “Wow, I'd really like to gain 60 lbs, just so I could lose it,” wouldn't you just want to punch them?

Get your boxing gloves ready, because a new show on A&E will have personal trainers do just that, so they can lose weight along with their clients. The reality show, Fit to Fat to Fit is like combining The Biggest Loser with Bulk Up, the show I just made up about wrestlers trying to move up a weight class: trainers on the show will gain 60 lbs so they can lose weight alongside their overweight clients.

While we've seen body shaming — er, weight loss — shows with super fit trainers pounding the pavement (much more easily, may I add) alongside their heavier protegees,  yelling words of encouragement along the way, the tables will be slightly turned this time around, with trainers also struggling to pull their weight (literally). They'll really be on the same level as their clients — but is that such a good thing? Aren't trainers supposed to be inspirational, and people us mere mortals look up to?

It's weird. Definitely weird. But if you have a sick and twisted mind, and watching it sounds fun, then you can do so on A&E on January 19th.

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