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New Peanut Butter Dove

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Dove chocolates are one of the few store-bought brands that I have to have in my chocolate stash at all times. The flavor and texture are satisfying and great for whether I want a quick chocolate snack or to treat myself.


But now they've gone and done it with Peanut Butter Dove. I was sent a bag this week and I'm not ashamed to say that it doesn't seem to be lasting very long. The Dove chocolate is as rich and smooth as it always is, and the creamy peanut butter center is absolutely perfect.

One of the complaints I have with other peanut butter-filled chocolates (even See's) is that there isn't enough salt in the peanut butter. Reese's seems to be the only one who's gotten it right over the years, but I've noticed that even they seem to be cutting back, and that distinctive little bite from the salt in the peanut butter isn't as noticeable anymore.


It's a weird thing to complain about — not enough salt in my chocolate — but without it the peanut butter usually tends to fade into the background, which is just sad.

However, this is not the case with the Dove Peanut Butter chocolates. The amount of salt in the peanut butter is perfect — in fact, when I tried the first one I looked at my husband and said “They got it right!” and he agreed.


Each 8.5oz bag contains individually wrapped little squares wrapped in foil with the trademark Promises inspirations printed on the inside. Though they're technically not set to be released until May, I've already seen them on the shelves at my local WalMart and a grocery store for about $3 a bag.


Check back over the next few days — I've got a few bags to give away!