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New Nike Ad Uses An Overweight 12-Year-Old; How Do We Feel About This?

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nike ad find your greatness

Nike, who has long been considered a pioneer of advertising, has a new commercial. But instead of featuring a ripped athlete or swanky pair of shoes, it's a long shot of an overweight 12-year-old kid from Ohio, jogging down a rural road. The message? That anyone can achieve personal greatness. How do you feel about it?

Part of their “Find Your Greatness” campaign, which highlights real people and offers an alternative to the Olympics madness, the ad is simply called “Jogger,” and features Nathan, who is 12, exercising by himself.

My initial feeling was that I was really inspired by the use of a real person who was trying to improve his life/health with a jog. And after watching it a few times, I'm pretty sure I just love this ad. I love Nathan. I hope he runs until he feels awesome about himself. I hope he inspires other kids to run.

But a quick check of the comments section on YouTube (I know, who does that? Me. I do that. Because I am a glutton for human cruelty and curious spelling choices, apparently), shows that there are definitely some different responses. One commenter called it exploitation. Is it? Or is it really awesome and some people will think anything is exploitative? Are the people who don't like it just the kind of people who don't like anything, or is this something that more people are taking issue with?

Readers, watch the video and then take our poll to let us know what you think about this Nike ad. I'm curious to see what other peoples' reactions are.