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Stop Talking About The New McDonald’s Ad And Watch This Hilarious Parody Video Instead

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Stop Talking About The New McDonald s Ad And Watch This Hilarious Parody Video Instead shutterstock 114036805 1 280x186 jpgYou’ve heard about the new McDonald’s ad, right? The one that premiered during the Golden Globes and sparked endless amounts of both lauded praise and criticism from both the advertising and consumers?If you haven’t, it went a little something like this: set to the tune of “Carry On” by Fun., the commercial featured words of support and congratulations featured on McDonald’s signs nationwide. From 9/11 and “Boston Strong” to “happy anniversary” and “congratulations” of local patrons, the ad touched a lot of viewers — and not all in a good way.

On the one hand, people felt like the ad humanized one of the biggest corporate brands in the country. Others found it downright McDepressing. Either way, it was a LOT of emotion coming from a brand that hawks subpar burgers to the masses.

Either way, it only makes sense that since so much discussion has been surrounding the new ad recently, a parody video has come forth to give us something new to talk about. YouTube user Signlover 15 has done us all a great service by highlighting a few insert-foot-in-mouth mistakes made on McDonald’s signage in the past.

Enjoy, beloveds: