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New Male Contraceptive on the Horizon

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It’s starting to look like a injectable form of birth control for men might just be possible in the future. A new study by Chinese researchers at the National Research for Family Center in Beijing has been focusing on the effectiveness of a  monthly testosterone-based injection for men. And the results are promising with a 99 percent success rate..

916142___life__spermFor the study,  a 1000 healthy and fertile men between 20 and 45 were given monthly injections of  500mg of testosterone undecanoate in tea seed oil for 30 months. This testosterone-based product caused the disruption of sperm production and hence prevented reproduction.

Better yet, no serious adverse side effects occurred and once the monthly injects were stopped, the sperm count returns to healthy levels by six months.

Of course, further testing will be needed to ensure the injection’s safety, but it’s looking good. Maybe soon, women will be able to say goodbye to the pill.

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