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Burger King’s New Fries: Fewer Calories, Less Fat, Grosser Name

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burger king friesWhat's in a name? Would french fries by any other name shine as greasy? Apparently not. The Burger King himself has trademarked the worst name ever for the burger chain's new lower fat/lower calorie french fry. His Royal Fryness is calling the new product Satisfries, like a freakin' idiot. I love portmanteaus and puns as much as the next corn dog, but this is unreasonable. Burger King is acting like someone's annoying step dad.

Burger King spent two years developing the magic formula for Satisfries. The new batter is “less porous and would therefore absorb less fat in the frying process” than typical fries. The coolest aspect of the new menu item isn't the fat content or calorie count, but the price. These lil guys are going to be 30 cents cheaper than full fat french fries, which will still be available for purchase and subsequent gobbling.

Satisfries have 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than regular style french fries from McDonald's. Though McDonald's is not regal, it still reigns as #1 in terms of America's beloved fast-food chains. Wendy's is #2. BK comes in third and I doubt these insulting fries will make a difference. It's not like America's fast food consumers and rolling up to these establishments looking for healthy options.

That being said, I'm into these healthy fries. All fast food restaurants should work to give their patrons healthier choices instead of luring them in with XXL bacon flavored ice cream sundae breakfast burgers or whatever.

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