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Consent To Sex? There’s An App For That!

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Consent to Sex  There s an App for That  new app allows for consensual sex 280x156 jpgWhen it comes to rape, especially rape on college campuses, there is a lot of (ridiculous) discussion surrounding the topic of consent. Apparently, men either don’t have a working knowledge of what the word “no” entails or they just don’t care. This aversion to the word “no” has ushered in a whole slew of rape prevention products, including nail polish that can detect date rape drugs in your drink.

Now, since there is an app for absolutely everything in life, consent has become digitalized. The Good2Go app presses pause on sexual encounters to make sure both partners are on board with whatever is about to go down. Here’s how it works: you basically hand the phone to your partner, where they are prompted by a screen that reads “Are We Good2Go?”. They can respond in three ways, which basically amount to: “Yup!” “Yup, but can we talk it over?” and “No, thanks”.

Should your potential partner hit “No” a very helpful idiom of the “no means no” variety will pop up on your screen. And then…what? Am I the only one who thinks that this app, while good in theory, is something no one would ever use…especially when you throw the potential for sex into the mix? No guy (or girl, for that matter) is ever going to whip his smartphone out of his back pocket and put the brakes on a hookup to take a quiz to determine the outcome of the evening.

Here’s an idea, friends: use context clues! There’s this weird thing called verbal communication and if we all attempted this EXACT conversation in real-time, as opposed to using our cell phones as substitutes for human interaction, there would be no room for error. Or a potential felony.

Photograph: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock