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Get Weird With These New Age Sex Tips

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Sting said “This many” and did this arm motion when asked “How many orgasms have you had today?”

Tantric sex. Sting has it. Diane Keaton has it. That one guy has it with Stiffler's mom in one installment of the American Pie franchise.

Based on what I've heard Tantric sex is not fucking. It's not a quickie in an alleyway behind a diner or no-frills missionary intercourse for procreation. Tantric sex is about extending sexual ecstasy. This kind of sex allegedly involves extended orgasm, extended pleasure, multiple orgasms for everyone. It's meditative, intimate, and expressive; it's about a union, not about a whambamthankyouma'am.

Though really getting into Tantra takes commitment and time that most of us just don't have, I've aggregated some tips from those who engage in it that could be applied to normal sex in order to heighten pleasure.

Tantric Tips Translated:

  • Don't worry if you're doing it right. Tantra doesn't judge like that. Plain old sex like you're already having doesn't have to have a right or wrong either.
  • Treat sex like it has no beginning or end. There is no end goal. This isn't a competition. Just enjoy those moments you and your sex partner are exploring pleasure together without worrying about who wins and who loses.
  • Make time for love. Set aside uninterrupted time for sex. You don't have to be too busy for an hour every few weeks. Put your phone on vibrate, for godsakes.
  • Create a temple of sexual pleasure to do sex in–an inviting erotic atmosphere. Make an area of your home your sexual chamber with all the lighting, aromas and whatever accoutrements you want. Or like, take your laptop off the bed and put the cat in the other room.
  • Adorn yourself provocatively, so that you feel sexy and also to excite your partner. Wear nothing if that's what you crazy kids are into.
  • Vary your positions. Tantric types do this to balance female and male energies and to explore duality. Us vanilla folks can do it to switch up routines and see what our bodies can really do.
  • Maintain a level of intimacy: eye contact, gentle kisses, and words of encouragement will help you and your partner feel desired and cared for.

Are you a Tantric sex-haver? If so, please let me know all about it in excruciating detail.

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