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Nestlé-Free Week October 26 – November 1

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We're in the thick of Nestlé-Free Week — are you participating? At my house it's Nestlé-Free Week for 52 weeks out of the year, but those who do not already boycott Nestlé might try to do so for just this one week and for their Halloween candy purchases in particular. This year for Halloween I chose to buy Smarties, those little pieces of pure processed sugar and food coloring. The poor Smarties company has to put on the homepage of its website: “Do not confuse our Smarties with Nestlé chocolate Smarties”! I wanted something without corn syrup and something not made by Nestlé, and Smarties were the best I could do in the two seconds I was willing to spend in the candy aisle with three children!

Nestle free zone

The week before I had been shopping for popsicles and could not find a single kind that did not have corn syrup or was not made by Nestlé (which in the ice cream/popsicle aisle masquerades as Edy's and Dreyer's and Häagen-Dazs among others.) It's time for me to start making my own popsicles again! In the past I've used an ice cube tray and cut straws or popsicle sticks. Anyone have a suggestion for a good popsicle mold — a metal or BPA-free plastic one?

Why Boycott Nestlé?

For some history and reasoning behind the Nestlé boycott, see “Should You Boycott Nestlé?”

The #NestleFamily Controversy

Recently Nestlé invited a group of bloggers out to California to learn more about the company. In a whirlwind of #NestleFamily debate on Twitter, many breastfeeding advocates expressed disappointment that people were accepting a free trip and gifts from Nestlé in spite of the company's history of unethical marketing practices. Some bloggers defended their decision as being open to a dialogue with the company. I would not have been interested in hearing what the company had to say at such a one-sided publicity event, but I have found Nestlé's answers to some questions posed by Annie at PhD in Parenting to be fascinating and informative (well, Annie's discussion is informative; Nestlé's answers are a bunch of double-speak.)

Which Products are Nestlé Products?

Nestlé owns many brand names and it can be tricky to keep up with all of them. Check out this Nestlé product boycott list compiled by Amy at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.