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Need Protection? iPhone App Helps You Find Free Condoms

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According to Jay-Z, there's nothing you can't do in New York City. And thanks to a new app launching today (on Valentine's Day, clever), one thing you can definitely do is find free condoms. The new app, built for iPhones and Android phones, is designed to help New Yorkers find free condoms, wherever they are: just type in an address, and find five places nearby that stock free NYC condoms, courtesy of the city's health department.

The city handed out 36 million free condoms in 2010, according to officials, and aims to provide as many as people need, supplying them to city residents in clinics, community centers, and local businesses (why not get some condoms with your locally churned ice cream?).

The Health Department says they're trying to promote safe sex among anyone who's sexually active, in particular a younger, tech-savvy generation, but many are criticizing the city for spending money on what seems to some like a targeted campaign aimed at promoting teen sex. Despite the skepticism about the program, we only hope that more cities start looking after the sexual health of their inhabitants (and giving them free stuff). Now if they would only foot our waxing bill…

To get the app and updates on the campaign, check out the NYC Condoms Facebook page.

via New York Daily News