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Need local services for less? Try MiNeeds

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MiNeeds is a personalized service shopping site that offers consumers a helpful way to shop for services such as legal help, contractors, wedding planners, photographers, and more but without the hassle of a phone book or non-objective site like Craigslist.

MiNeeds is easy to use. The site instantly recognizes user location and geographical range so you just hop online, head to MiNeeds and post what you need. For example, “I need a professional wedding photographer in Seattle, with 5 years experience on Saturday, June 12. My budget is $1,000.” MiNeeds will shoot you back services that meet your requirements along with competitive bids and quotes. You can compare offers and find the one you like best.

Beyond basics, MiNeeds also posts extra info about local professionals such as credentials, ratings, reviews and more which makes it easier to choose the right service provider for your needs. Best of all, MiNeeds is totally free for consumers, and you can't beat that.

The next time you need local services and want to skip wading through the phone book along with all those obnoxious phone calls for quotes, visit MiNeeds and give them a whirl.

[image via MiNeeds]