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Fake Made Fantastic: 6 Natural Sunless Tan Products To Keep Melanoma Survivors (& The Rest Of Us!) Safe

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Having grown up as an extremely pale person — really, it's nearly impossible to find foundation for my skin tone — I understand the desire to be tan. People used to call me Casper, Morticia, Wednesday…basically, any supernatural or superweird being with skim milk skin. However, going gold does not have to mean harming your body. So why are so many melanoma survivors still tanning?

According to a study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting, a quarter of melanoma survivors do not wear any sunscreen. As somebody who wears SPF daily, I found this to be incredulous; I can't imagine facing serious danger with a disease, then refuse to use an incredibly quick and easy product to prevent that danger from returning, whether it's out of forgetfulness, vanity or indifference.

As a result, I decided that today, this beautiful, lovely April day, was a good opportunity to show you folks some awesome products that can boost your tan and are natural pieces you can feel good about. Using these products can give you a great glow while also keeping your skin from burning, thus preventing premature aging signs. Trust me, there are dozens of reasons to go sunless for your tan — these are just a few of the means by which to do it.

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