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NASA Does a Body Good

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Yesterday I came across an interesting list of spinoffs from the NASA program. It turns out they've done a lot for us here on Earth as far as our health is concerned.

Here's just a few of the technologies that have spun off from the space program that make our lives better:

  • DIGITAL IMAGING BREAST BIOPSY SYSTEM – The LORAD Stereo Guide Breast Biopsy system incorporates advanced Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) as part of a digital camera system. The resulting device images breast tissue more clearly and efficiently. Known as stereotactic large-core needle biopsy, this nonsurgical system developed with Space Telescope Technology is less traumatic and greatly reduces the pain, scarring, radiation exposure, time, and money associated with surgical biopsies.
  • LASER ANGIOPLASTY – Laser angioplasty with a “cool” type of laser, caller an excimer laser, does not damage blood vessel walls and offers precise non-surgical cleanings of clogged arteries with extraordinary precision and fewer complications than in balloon angioplasty.
  • MEDICAL GAS ANALYZER – Astronaut-monitoring technology used to develop system to monitor operating rooms for analysis of anesthetic gasses and measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen concentrations to assure proper breathing environment for surgery patients.
  • SPORTS TRAINING – Space-developed cardio-muscular conditioner helps athletes increase muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness through kinetic exercise.
  • FIRE RESISTANT MATERIAL – Materials include chemically-treated fabric for sheets, uniforms for hazardous material handlers, crew's clothing, furniture, interior walls of submersibles and auto racer and refueler suits.
  • BETTER BRAKES – New, high-temperature composite space materials provide for better brake linings. Applications includes trucks, industrial equipment and passenger cars.

Not to mention Tang!, velcro, the dustbuster, fogless ski goggles and enriched baby food. The list goes on and on. Read more about what the flyboys have done for us lately after the jump!

NASA Spinoffs (pops)

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