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Watch Naked Men Do Yoga

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naked yoga video screenshot

Naked yoga for men is reportedly “on the rise” in Edmonton, Canada. The story is positively dripping with faux-trend warning signs — the source of this info on nude male yoga's ascendancy seems to be a single nude male yoga instructor, for one — but so be it. I'll take any excuse to share a video of hot naked men in warrior pose, I guess.

Don't worry, strategic camera angles ensure that this videos is safe for work — watch it here.

“For some it’s about naturalism and just being nude, and for other people it’s just a bucket list endeavor,” says instructor Chris McBain in the video, shot at a men's-only nude yoga class at Edmonton's Shanti Yoga Studios.

Isis Phoenix of Naked Yoga NYC told My Health News Daily that naked yoga classes bring a new level of openness and authenticity to practice. “A new reality is created in the first 15 minutes of class — a reality where people can be naked and practice yoga in the room, and it's OK,” Phoenix said. “Nobody's going to point and laugh.”

Right, okay, I get that — but is a reality where we all practice yoga together naked really what we're gunning for? Stripping down to a sports bra and bike shorts during hot yoga seems to work just fine in terms of comfort, whereas rubbing my rear and lady parts all over a yoga mat seems like it would have the opposite effect. I'm not at all uncomfortable being naked in situations that call for it, but group yoga just doesn't seem to me like a situation that calls for it. What do you think? Anyone wanna school me on why I should sign up for a naked yoga class, stat?