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The Only Thing Crazier Than CrossFit Is The Fact That People Now Want You To Do it Naked

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ShirtlessCrossFitThe group showers in your gym's locker room might make you uneasy, but this CrossFit facility is taking the term, ‘leave it all on the floor' to a new level—by having gym-goers strip naked for class!

That's right. Joining the likes of Nude Yoga and Strip Pole Dancing, Spartan Mentality in Aarhus Denmark is now hosting their very own Naked CrossFit classes.

Okay, it's not completely nude.

Class goers wear socks and sneakers to avoid crushed toes by dumbbells (and the inevitable Athlete's Foot that comes with going barefoot in gyms). But besides proper footwear, apparel is left at the door.

What started as an April Fool's Day joke turned into an actual class after a huge amount of media attention. And whether or not Spartan Mentality continues to offer naked sessions, the concept is sure to be mimicked by others attempting to cash in on a viral trend.

It kind of makes sense. Muscle ups must be easier without heavy clothes weighing you down. You can't hide incorrect squat form when your butt is bared for the world to see. And it's much harder to fake a real push-up without a t-shirt hitting the ground before your chest.

The best part? There's no super gross and sweaty laundry to do after class!

Creator and director of the nude CrossFit team explains,

 “People are already so scantily clad at Crossfit that we thought we might as well throw the rest away.”

His logic rings true. The few times I've tackled a WOD (Workout of the Day, in CrossFit speak), I've noticed that for guys, wearing a shirt is pretty rare. How else can males simultaneously show off their muscles and tattoos?

It all adds up when we realized the inaugural class was made up entirely of dudes right now. Women haven't exactly jumped at the offer so far.

Since the literal interpretation of, ‘balls to the wall' scares us a little, we're okay with that (for now). With all the equipment and vigorous activity associated with CrossFit, we fear for, uh, certain appendages.

Nevertheless, we're anxious to see what city will drop trou next!

(Photo: Crossfit Games)