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My Son Loves Playing With Potatoes

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My son loves to pretend and use things as a substitute if he doesn’t have enough of the item or even have the item. I guess this shows how smart he really is, that or it shows I will let my son pretend with just about anything.

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Does this make me a bad mom? Probably not but it sure does encourage an imagination. According to BabyCenter.com it is common for babies/toddlers to experience imagination between the age of 18-20 and from then on.  Course this type of imagination beats him trying to be a stunt devil and trying to jump off counters. 

My son, as many of you know is 2-years-old and very active. His favorite toys use to be cars (hot wheels), trucks (tonka), his sister’s Barbie (only the one with black hair) and Thomas the Tank trains.  But lately he has decided his new toy isn’t a toy at all, but a vegetable. That’s right my son plays with veggies, but not Veggie Tales or anything like that.

The other day I walked into the kitchen and saw what my son had been working on while I talked on the phone. He had an entire train going back and forth in the kitchen, the train was made out of potatoes. Every single potato I had bought last week was on my floor, thankfully I had planned on making potatoes for dinner. Course the way I found out was not good, I almost fell on my back. Note to moms: Look at the ground when walking into a room a child is in.

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A few days before this he’d been hiding 3 different potatoes in my hutch drawers. I guess he thought it was Easter or they were in a club house. I also saw him talking for the potatoes, you know like girls do with their Barbie dolls.  I guess it is safe to say this year for Christmas a Mr.PotatoHead would probably be one of his favorite toys.  By the way, today, he has them hiding under the table.

One  question: Does your baby/toddler/child play with anything strange like this?