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My Obligatory Intro Post…

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Just thought I'd pop in and say hey to the regular (or new) Simply Thrifty readers. I'm Jennifer, the second half of the new co-blogging team here at Simply Thrifty.

I hate these intro posts, yet I also don't love when new bloggers jump into a blog without one, so here I go…

Kadi pointed out in her intro post last week, that she's on a journey to be more thrifty, or perhaps on a journey to be thrifty at all. That's cool, a good way to learn thrifty ways is to try as you go, and recording the process can only help. I'm actually the opposite though. I've been thrifty for years. Some of that thrift has been out of necessity; I was a college student, attempting to live on financial aid and misc gigs for the first four years after my son was born. I dealt with an ex partner who didn't always want to work, and now I'm a single mama supporting my son – it's a good thing I don't mind living on less, or I'd be mighty depressed.

Necessity is not the only reason I'm thrifty though. I'm just not that into stuff. I'd rather reuse, recycle, make it homemade, or do without, than gather new stuff. I'm big into green living, and having less, to me, is a big part of that. I hate shopping – seriously. It takes me years to buy something large like a camera, and I'm almost as bad with the little things, like shoes. In any case, I've been practicing multiple thrifty tactics for years, and hope to share lots of that with Simply Thrifty readers.

Anything else?: I'm homeschooling my son Cedar, who you'll hear about often. I have a total weakness for architecture, blogs, and music; topics you also may hear me ramble on about. Ok, how to end this obligatory intro post? Hmmm. Um, anything else you'd like to know about me you can find here.

Feel free to tell me all about you now! Just kidding; maybe instead, you could tell me what sort of thrifty topics you're interested in learning more about.