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My Great Inspirations

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There are ways to make yourself feel better when you are feeling like you’re in a slump. I hate those times when you’ve been working out for a while and you start to feel less motivated. Either you’ve reached a plateau or you’re just sick of the gym: this time is supremely frustrating because you’re on your way to success.

Here are my tips for motivation:

  • Put on your old pants. If your old jeans are too small and you want to slim down, the look and feel of overly tight, uncomfortable jeans can be a surprise. Sometimes you really do need to shock yourself.
  • Seriously, step away from the scale. One of the biggest problem when you’re losing the pounds is depending on it to make you feel good. Lose some water weight? You’re elated? Have PMS or feel bloated? Get depressed. Get more in tune with your body so you don’t need to depend on numbers.
  • Buy more workout gear. What the cost of sexy gym clothes if it buys you two more months of motivation in the gym?
  • Connect with your neighbor. If you promise to meet up with them on a Saturday or Sunday and do weights, jog, or hike, you won’t be able to duck out as easily.
  • Keep a pictorial journal of your weight loss/toning experience. Take a picture of yourself every week and put it in your book so you can see the difference every week. It’s harsh to strip down and do it, but it will definitely keep you working harder.

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