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My Goldfish Ate My Cat and Two More Books

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My Goldfish Ate My Cat offers a “turn the tables” story about a fish that yearns to “season and devour a feline.” That's quite a conceit in and of itself—-further, the book's author is 11 year old. As noted in C-Health, Alexandre Lynch has Asperger's Syndrome. The book has already sold some 80 copies.

My son is 11, too, and I'm not sure if he'll ever write out a story—he's not a book kid, but a music-and-motion guy—-though he's certainly makes each day a good story. I've been working on my book about Charlie full-heartedly: Here's two more new books about raising an autistic child that have recently been published:

The Accidental Teacher: Life Lessons from my Silent Son by Annie Lehmann of West Bloomfield, Michigan, whose autistic son Jonah is 25.

See Sam Run by Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe of Argyle, Texas, whose autistic son Sam is 20.

It's the stories of actual experiences and of peculiarities, of specifics, that I'm most drawn to in any account about autism. With each detail comes a bit more of a picture of the person who inspired the writing, and of something familiar to our own life in which some unexpected things—like that goldfish making designs on the cat—-have been known to happen.