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Murder Mystery Dinners and Sour Power Ingredients: The Wednesday Food Section

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Verjuice is Ver-y In: According to the New York Times, this sour “power ingredient” (Verjuice Makes Sour Grapes a Good Thing)

Hosting a Murder Mystery: A Halloween-appropriate party primer (recipes included) from the Washington Post. (For a Murder Mystery Dinner, The Host Needs Some Cues)

Homemade Pumpkin Candy: Día de los Muertos treats featured in The Los Angeles Times are not your average Halloween candy. (The Artisan: La Zamorana, Making Candy the Old-Fashioned Way)

The American Diet Is the Worst Diet: According to Mark Bittman's interview with The Seattle Times. (Q&A: NYT Columnist and Cookbook Author Mark Bittman)

The Dish on Dumplings: Mark Bittman's genius cheesy take on an Italian dumpling. (Ricotta Gnocci Are Sticky and Lumpy…)