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20 Kick Ass Songs to Get you Motivated for your Next Run

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When was the last time you went on a long run? Whether you've been blaming thehttp://www.alloy.com/lifestyle/fall-autumn-excited-reasons/ summer heat or your insane work schedule, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the evening jog has become more of a “once in a while” type of scenario instead of a staple of your daily routine.
While we all could probably make a list a mile long with our “very legit” excuses to skip out on an evening run, the real reason is usually a lack of motivation. So start getting inspired with these 20 pump-up jams that might even move your next run from “not completely terrible” to actually enjoyable.

1. “Headstrong” by Trapt

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Some days you just really aren’t feelin’ a run. Maybe you stayed up too late binge watching a few too many episodes on Netflix or had one too many drinks at happy hour. Enter “Headstrong.” What better lyrics to get you going on a long run than “back off I’ll take you on”? Front man Chris Taylor Brown has the perfect pipes to sing along to as your feet hit the pavement.