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Send Your Love: 5 Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Consider this a friendly reminder that Mother's Day 2013 is nigh. This year, the holiday falls Sunday, May 12, so for those living long-distance from mom, that means less than two weeks to find and ship gifts!

To help you out, we've rounded up a few healthy (well, healthier than a basket of Edible Arrangements sugar sticks) and easy-to-ship options for sending mom your love. Of course, your mom is your mom, and she will love you regardless of what you do or do not send her. She just might love you a little bit more if you ship her one of these these … 

My Fit Foods gift card1. A My Fit Foods gift card. Think gift cards are a cop-out option? They don't have to be. A unique or unusual gift card gives mom an opportunity to try something new; and a practical gift card can save mom some of that most precious resource—time. In the case of a My Fit Foods gift card, it can do both. My Fit Foods offers “a smorgasbord of grab and go healthy meals” using mostly gluten-free and low glycemic index ingredients.

2. A spa visit. Spa services make another easy long-distance gift. You can peruse SpaFinder Wellness to find a salon or studio in your mom's area; purchase gift cards and spa packages online; and print out the coupon or voucher to include with your Mother's Day card.

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3. A planter. Sure, flowers are nice (and easy to send long-distance). But flowers die quickly. Why not send an arrangement that mom can enjoy all summer long, like this succulent-stuffed basket ($19.50, Etsy).

4. Handmade caramels. La mia dolci caramels (available on Etsy; $15 per 9-piece box) are beautifully presented. But even better, they're fair trade certified and preservative, was and filler free. When you care enough to

Just Me and My Mom (A Little Critter Book)

5. Mom books: Books—the eternal mailable gift! If mom's a voracious reader, matching a book to her literary tastes should be easy enough. If mom's not typically the bookworm type, though, consider a fun, cutesey coffee table book that relates to mothers and daughters, like My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss or Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from Storycorps. Or, if mom's sentimental, send her a copy of a childhood favorite you use to read together (did you know that all the Little Golden Books are available on Amazon???).

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