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Moth Larvae-Infested Clif Bar: A Good Reminder To Eat More Fresh Food

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I write a lot about the problems with eating processed food, but the truth is, we all eat it. At least sometimes. (Unless you're one of those people who's incredibly good at sticking to a paleo diet, in which case: Teach me!) So if carrots (literal or figurative) don't do a good enough job of keeping you from reaching for processed snacks all the time, here's a stick:
larvae clif bar
That's a photo of a moth larvae-infested Clif Bar posted by a Reddit user (via Huffington Post) last week. The other side is even grosser:

clif bar moth larvaeA Clif Bar rep defended their products, saying that the larvae must have made their way into the package post-production, either in transit or at the customer's home. I'm choosing to go with that theory (because on the occasions when I do eat processed food, I'd like to believe that it's produced in larvae-free factories)–but it doesn't necessarily make me feel better about eating food that can live in a cupboard for months, even years.

A 100% fresh, 0% packaged diet is impossible for a lot of people to achieve; I know it is for me and my current lifestyle. But photos like this are a good reminder that the longer stuff can live on your shelf (and the store's, and the factory's), the greater chance there is that it's full of unpleasant surprises. Mostly, I worry about the chemicals and unhealthy additives used to keep the stuff from going bad, but bugs definitely get my attention, too.

Photos: Huffpost/Reddit