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Most Common Hormone Imbalance in Cats

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If your kitty is experiencing weight loss even with a big appetite, it's time to visit the veterinarian. Your cat may have hyperthyroidism, a common hormonal imbalance in older cats.

Most cats are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism via a blood panel around age 13. Besides weight loss, affected cats may also experience chronic vomiting and diarrhea, plus muscle deterioration.

Even if cats aren't exhibiting symptoms, it's important to treat the condition to prevent heart failure or sudden blindness or death.
A cat with hyperthyroidism is producing too much T4, and the feline probably has a growth the thyroid gland. These growths are usually benign, but cancer may rarely be present.

Benign thyroid growths are a form of goiter instead of cancer. Radiotherapy, a way to cure hyperthyroidism, may be used to distinguish between goiters and cancer.

Treatment Options for Cats with Hyperthyroidism

To learn more about hyperthyroidism in cats, visit the online Hyperthyroidism Center for Cats at Veterinary Partner.

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