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Low On Morning Energy? Here’s What To Eat Before Hitting The Gym

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I’m an early riser, getting to the gym most mornings by 6:15am. At that early hour I am not at all hungry and tend to skip any pre-workout snacks and instead sip cofffee on my way to the gym. This is a habit I really need to break! Evening in the morning, having some pre-workout food is key in having enough energy to push yourself throughout your workout at full force. Even if it’s a couple bites of a banana, it’s better than nothing. To help myself break the habit (and perhaps to help you do the same), here are some easy pre-sweat snacks:

Caffeine Kick: If you have time to whip up a quick smoothie, key ingredients to include: fruit (try a frozen banana), sugar free almond milk, protein powder (I like Perfect Fit Protein), spinach (I promise you won’t taste it) and for an extra jolt, toss in a couple of coffee ice cubes.

Fruit-Based: An apple or banana dipped in almond butter is quick and easy. If that’s too much, you’ll benefit even from just half an apple or banana.

E+A: Eggs and avocado, a winning combination. Hard boil your eggs, remove the shell, cut in half and scoop out the yolk. In place of the yolk, place a few chunks of fresh avocado. This is an easy one to prepare ahead of time. At the beginning of the week, hard boil a carton of eggs so you’ve got a ready-to-go snack each morning.

Water with Lemon: Ok, this isn’t something to EAT, but it is important before your workout (and the mornings you don’t work out). Right when you wake up, aim to drink at least 8oz of water with fresh lemon juice. This is the easiest way to jump start your metabolism for the day ahead.

Make sure you finish your snack at least 30 minutes before you start your workout and try to keep the snack under 200 calories. I can’t ditch my morning coffee habit, but I’m looking forward to addding some food into the mix as well for added energy.

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