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Sex With A Side Of A Staph Infection: More People Are Getting It On At The Gym

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Flirting with the cute guy in your gym is a great perk to working out, but some people aren’t stopping at innocent glances. Nor is getting somebody’s phone number good enough. Apparently the gym — you know, the place where you leave sweat stains in the shape of your butt on the ground, and spitting is an art form — is a great place to hook up.

Well, for 25 percent of British gym-goers, anyway. According to a recent survey, a quarter of British respondents admitted to having sex at ‘their place of fitness,’ which is what we call a gym (or a SoulCycle studio, CrossFit box, yoga center, etc). More than half of the people surveyed said they’ve used the gym as a place to hook up, and 10 percent said they stash a condom in their gym bag. While perhaps the most upsetting thing is that more people don’t carry condoms with them to the gym, especially if they know they want to get hot and heavy there, it’s also unsettling that the yoga mat I’m using may have been used as a grounds for foreplay.

Alleviating thoughts of my SoulCycle bike’s handlebars being used as a sexual prop is the fact that this survey was conducted by sex shop Ann Summers — which means that maybe the respondents erred on the more liberal side of things when it comes to sex. Yet a surprising amount (20 percent) of respondents admitted to having sex with their personal trainers. So maybe that job has more perks than we originally thought!

However, exchanging bodily fluids in the same place staph infections are acquired is a terrible idea. I strongly advise meeting your Tinder dates after you’ve showered, outside of the gym, like a normal human being.

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