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Mo’Nique On Shaving: No Reason For A Razor

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At January’s Golden Globe Awards, Mo’Nique (who took the supporting actress prize for Precious), showed up in a knee-length dress, flawless makeup, a knockout hairdo –  and visibly unshaven legs. Immediately, critics and bloggers jumped all over the actress for her hirsute look.

Mo Nique on Shaving  No Reason for a Razor wenn27647002 213x300 jpg

Mo'Nique and husband Sidney Hicks

But as Mo’Nique later admitted, this au naturel look wasn’t a lapse in primping or lack of time, but a personal choice. Ditching her razor and shaving cream is a choice the actress (who’s also a comedian and host on VH-1), has been making for a long time and one that her husband, Sidney Hicks, fully supports.

But a recent New York Times article debates if the unshaven parts, be they legs, underarms, or whatever, are acceptable, even for celebrities, or are simply just a hygiene offense. Ordinary women who jump on the trend catch stares and some degree of judgment from society; this grooming decision, or lack thereof, might not be something society is ready quite ready for.

The NYT story raises the question that all partners may not be as laissez faire as Hicks. Mo’Nique and Hicks both assure critics that there are no qualms about her choice to go hairy.

Looking back, Mo’Nique isn’t the only A-lister to be mocked for forgetting or choosing not to shave. Julia Roberts, who took a hiatus from shaving at the 1999 premiere of Notting Hill, boldly lifted her arms to reveal neglected underarm areas.

Would you ever say goodbye to your razor for the natural look? Let us know in the comments section, below.