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Missing Florida Baby

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Shannon Lea Dedrick is only 7-months old and it is believed she went missing after her parents put her to bed. But sometime during the following morning when they came to check in on her she was gone.

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There are rumors swirling the family had posted online they’d buried her, others were they were being investigated by DCF. While none of us would like to think any of this is true it is a possibility, but remember folks it is a POSSIBILITY, not 100% someone still could’ve taken her.

One neighbor did report seeing a van pull up late Saturday, however no one knows anything else. Shannon’s mother started knocking on doors shortly after she searched her own home to make sure her baby wasn’t there.

Currently not much as far as details are being released, instead it seems to be tight lipped.  If you actually see baby Shannon there is a phone number to reach out to let authorities know:  638.6111.