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Miss Oops and modest clothing

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OK, so I have to admit I was watching a short spot on The View this morning and I saw a great idea for staying modestly dressed.

Jaks modest clothing solution

Jaks modest clothing solution curtesy of Miss Oops

So then I found Miss Oops.  They have a great little lace cover up for the crack that is actually somewhat attractive.  It is a lacy little wrap that you slide over your pants and under whatever shirt you are wearing.  As much as I like the concept, the price was a gasper for me.  $38 is not worth it.  I can sew it cheaper!  However, their beige JAKs is on sale for those that don't sew for only $19.

Here are their other Valentine Day sales:

  • Nudies are a solution to panty lines at 30% off
  • Chicken Cutlets are an instant top lift for 30% off
  • Show Stoppers keep your modesty in colder weather if you know what I mean for 30% off
  • Pedicure in a Bottle, 2 for $20

Something else that is not on sale but a good idea are their boob tubes, a bandeau that covers up your cleavage.

I just found it an interesting site.