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Miranda Kerr’s Split From Victoria’s Secret: The Tabloids Are Getting It Wrong, And How!

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If you follow fashion, beauty or entertainment news, you may have heard that model Miranda Kerr will be splitting from Victoria’s Secret soon. One of the company’s most high-profile “angels,” Kerr has been donning feathered wings and push-up bras for the brand since 2007. But though it’s unclear who made the decision, Kerr won’t be renewing her $1 million modeling contract for another three years.

This has garnered a lot of confusing speculation from the tabloids and tabloid-type blogs, who suggest the reason lies in Kerr being too difficult, too hot, or not a good enough seller for the brand. But what’s not being mentioned much is how Kerr’s ethics and image don’t jibe with Victoria Secret’s business practices.

Kerr hasn’t spoken publicly about this any ethical qualms she feels about the company, but she also seems too smart to burn bridges like that. Mommyish editor Koa Beck suspects that “ethical differences” are at play.

“It’s hardly a secret that Victoria’s Secret has a shady history with their products, which includes a whopping helping of child labor,” she wrote on Mommyish. “Conversely, in addition to supporting such charities as Children International, Mommy Miranda promotes fair trade on her Kora organics line.”

And though she started modeling at 13, her image in the past few years has centered around healthy living, organic skin care and being a mom. Maybe a continued relationship with VS isn’t good for Kerr’s personal brand?

This is, of course, just speculation also. But at least it’s speculation based on actual things and not just some apocryphal “source” or worn-out tropes about women and jealousy. If you’d like some examples of that, I’ve got them, in spades.

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