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Wait, According To This Study Milk Actually Doesn’t Do The Body Good

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milk is actually bad for womenGood news (at least for those of us who hate milk)! Researchers in Sweden have found that milk might actually not be great for women after all.

Since milk is forced upon us literally from the moment of our birth, the habit tends to stick around as we grow older. Luckily, I was the world's pickiest eater at a young age and flat out refused the stuff starting at age two, so I guess you can say I really do know how to pick 'em (still waiting for that sentiment to translate into my dating life). But for those of you who continued to drink the Kool-Aid (a.k.a the milk) well into your adult years, you might want to stop. Like, now.

Researchers found that drinking three or more glasses of milk per day can be detrimental to women's health. The study kept tabs on 100,000 middle-aged women and men for 20 years. What did they discover? That women who drank the aforementioned three or more glasses per day were nearly twice as likely to die over the 20-year period. Die. As in death. From milk.

They also found that for every glass of milk women consumed per day, they were 15 percent more likely to die. And you can dispel the myth of milk leading to stronger bones because researchers concluded that women were actually more likely to suffer a bone fracture as their intake of milk increased. Cool!

So what's the deal? Why is milk so potentially harmful? Blame galactose, a simple sugar that can induce stress and inflammation, which leads to a greater risk of fractures and mortality over time. Yikes.

Here's the good news though: 1. men who drink breast milk can carry on with their specific level of weird and 2. other dairy products like cheese and yogurt, which contain little to no galactose, are perfectly A-ok to carry on ingesting. So go to town on those cheese plates ladies (we hear they help with the milk withdrawals).

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