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Miley Cyrus Has Been Hospitalized, Is Under The Care Of “Mr. Octopussy”

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Miley Cyrus In Concert - Brooklyn, NYMiley Cyrus has been hospitalized and will be unable to perform on her tour tonight. According to a representative, Cyrus is suffering from an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Though we don't know why she was taking the antibiotics that made her feel sick, people all over the internet will be speculating wildly all day.

The Bangerz star has taken to Twitter to apologize to fans and explain herself:

Cyrus also tweeted that she is under the care of “some amazing doctors” and a Mr. Octopussy, who based on the twitpic appears to be an octopus shaped ornament

She is not enjoying the entertainment at the hospital.

If you've ever been hospitalized, you'll know it's true. Even the remote controls for those weird floating televisions are “wack.” Being sick is unpleasant in general, even for popstars.

Some haters were being jerks to Miley on social media, accusing her of malingering or letting fans down due to her condition:

It's terrible when medicine that is supposed to heal someone makes them sick instead.

Let's all hope that Miley will soon be back on her feet, dancing to her Bangerz again.

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