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Middle School And High School Teachers Gifts

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When the kids are in elementary school, teacher gifts at holidays are pretty easy – after all, in most cases you are just buying for one teacher – but once kids get into middle school and high school, how do you even begin buying gifts for 8 teachers per kid?

Do you give gifts to your child’s middle school and high school teachers? If so, what do you get them? How much do you spend?

If you are going to give them something, here are a few ideas:

  • Gift certificate to a local cafe, coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Gift certificate to a teacher store.
  • A small box of chocolate or cookies. I would steer away from the homemade stuff though (unless you personally know the teacher) – a friend of mine who taught middle school said they threw away a lot of home made food gifts just because they didn’t always trust the source.
  • A simple hand written note of thanks and appreciation for all the hard work the teacher has done.