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Three Years Later, Michele Bachmann Is Still Spewing The Same Afforable Care Act Falsehoods

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michele bachmannIt's been three years since the Affordable Care Act was passed, bringing health insurance coverage to millions of Americans who would otherwise be a single illness or accident away from financial ruin. And who wants to guess how conservative Republican Michele Bachmann celebrated? By spouting the same old false facts and hyperbole of course.

In a 10-minute speech on the House floor, Bachmann continued to fight the same fight she's been waging for three years, with the same ignorance and awfulness. During an impassioned part of the speech, Bachmann tried to rile up her peers saying:

“Let’s repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens.”

Literally. Providing health insurance will literally kill people, according to Michele Bachmann.

The reason that these statements are so ridiculous, and why they still need to be called out, is that they're the exact opposite of the truth. None of us should be comfortable with a United States Representative of Congress spouting this type of misinformation.

The Affordable Care Act is not going to kill women. In fact, it increases their access to gynecologists. It making important preventative screenings that save lives free for the consumer. It expands family planning services for Medicaid. Instead of hurting children, Obamacare demands that children not be denied healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions. This popular and important measure actually saves children's lives.

And as for the elderly, let's not forget that the Care Act ends the “Lifetime Limit” practice that many insurance companies put in place. It also got rid of the prescription coverage “donut hole,” a problem that my own grandmother struggled with for years before her death.

The Affordable Care Act saves lives. The fact that a Congresswoman would stand up and rant lies about the law literally killing women, children, and the elderly is simply despicable. It goes beyond partisan politics and beyond the bounds of reason all together.

For three years, Michele Bachmann has been fighting a losing battle and she's been fighting it with falsehood. I'm not sure if there's anything we can do to stop her, but I certainly know that we shouldn't stand back and pretend her lies are acceptable.

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