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Metal Lunch Boxes

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Now that we've discussed avoiding vinyl lunch boxes, let's have fun with some cool metal ones. All right. These are ALL from Target. Some are only available online, and others may have a free shipping offer.

Metal lunch boxes are almost indestructible. Just don't kick them. If you use a metal lunch box enough, you more than cancel out the impact of its being manufactured. Plus, I really like the vintage look of these. I'm guessing middle school students and high schoolers might like them too.

Tootsie Roll Lunch Box This one is made in the USA. Includes candy, so that may be a negative for you! $24.99


Orange Crush Simple retro lunch box, but so cute. $9.99


Retro Tin Lunch Box An old-fashioned box kids can customize. $14.99


Have an old metal lunch box that bores you?

Make your own altered metal lunch box! Milenna shows you how.


Do you miss metal lunch boxes, or do you think they're too dated and non-floppy? 

Images (first three) via Target. Altered DIY box image from Milenna.

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