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Men Would Rather Smell Pie Than ‘Obsession’

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Remember those toxic chemicals lurking in your designer perfume? We’ve got some good news. If you’re trying to appeal to a potential or current romantic interest with perfume, it’s not doing any good. We understand not wanting to smell plain (or, worse, bad), so spritzing a bit of perfume before a date makes sense. But your date would rather you smeared a little frosting on your wrists instead.

Recent research shows that men are more attracted to food smells than perfume. The combination that’s most enticing to men? Pumpkin pie and lavender. Together. And women? We like Good & Plenty and cucumber; Good & Plenty and pumpkin pie; lavender and pumpkin pie; and baby powder and chocolate. That last one is pretty gross.

So just walk through a bakery on your way to your next romantic rendezvous. Do you prefer the smell of food to perfume?